Different Types of Eyelash Extensions – A Complete Guide

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions – A Complete Guide

In today's fast-paced world, you rarely see anyone using those fake instant eyelashes. It's not because women have stopped liking beautiful long lashes. Rather, it's because eyelash extensions have become more popular nowadays. 

These extensions can make your eyes look fuller and beautiful for quite a long time. These are ideal if your thin eyelashes make you lose confidence. You can also get it done just to look pretty for some events. 

However, among the wide range of lash extensions, choosing the perfect one can be quite a hurdle. Without knowing the different types of eyelash extensions and your eye shape, it isn't easy to know what's right for you. 

Considering the confusion, we have developed this complete guide about eyelash extensions. It encompasses the different types of extensions and how it varies for various eye shapes. We have made an effort to resolve all your queries and help you get your perfect lashes.

What is Eyelash Extension?

Before looking at eyelash extension styles, it's important to know what eyelash extension is. It's even crucial to learn how it's done before you choose to get one for yourself. 

Everyone knows about strip lashes or falsies. It's a pre-made band of lashes which you can apply with a removable adhesive. However, these lashes shouldn't be worn overnight or for longer than one day. These are mostly used for occasions, emergency meetings, dates, etc. 

Strip lashes are a quick solution. You can wear it every day, but also must remove it daily. It creates a hassle to apply and remove the lashes every day. 

On the other hand, eyelash extension is a semi-permanent solution. It makes your eyelashes look made up without applying mascara. Yes, it is not a permanent solution, but it can stay much longer than falsies.

These extensions are individual lashes. Unlike falsies, these are not attached to your lids but to your natural lashes, one at a time. These lashes extend the length of your natural lash and add curves and thickness to them. 

These lashes are made from various types of materials, such as - 

Synthetic materials – Faux mink and plastic fibres or 
Natural materials – Silk and Mink. 

The eyelash extension process takes several hours to complete. Mostly, it's recommended to go for a licensed or trained professional to get a safe application. They use proper eyelashes and glues to make sure you don't get any irritation or infections in your eyes.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

As every woman is unique and has different preferences, you need to learn about different types of lashes for extensions.  

There are various eyelash extension types, each with a different density, curl, and length. By knowing about each type, you can make an informed decision and choose the lash that best suits your preferences.

Let's learn about the types of eyelashes –

• Classic Eyelash Extensions 

Classic eyelash extension – the name isn't intended for any materials; rather, it's for the technique. In this process, the lash tech can use both the synthetic and natural lashes. They will attach one single extension to each of your natural lashes. 
It adds length and definition to your eyes and gives a timeless, elegant look. If you want a subtle enhancement for everyday wear or a natural look, then it's perfect for you. 
Wearing these lashes, you can attend various events and occasions looking beautiful and less dramatic. These are easy to maintain compared to any other style. 

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 

A Russian volume lash is a variation of the classic lashes. Unlike classic lash extensions, the Russian extension doesn't involve attaching only single lashes to the natural lash. 
In this process, your technician will attach multiple lash extensions to one natural lash. They apply the extension in a fan shape to give it a fuller and more volume look. 
These are perfect if you're looking for a bold and more dramatic look. If you're getting the extension, then make sure to get a bottom eyelash extension to maintain the balance and get a full-eye look.

 • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions 

Sometimes women like to combine the classic and volume lashes to create an even more dramatic look. It is referred to as the hybrid eyelash extension
It gives you a natural appearance along with the added volume. In this process, the technician attaches fan-shaped volumes in some parts of your lashes, then shifts to classic ones. 
These are suitable for various occasions like a casual dinner with friends, a party, or even a busy office schedule. These lashes need more moderate maintenance than other types.

 • Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions 

Natural-looking eyelash extensions try to make your lashes look as realistic as possible. It tries to mimic the natural length pattern of your lashes. 
For a natural look, various extensions can be used. But mostly, classic and hybrid ones work best for a natural eyelash extension. 
In this process, the tech simply lengthens your natural eyelashes. They can also add some volume lashes over one natural lash and give it a fan shape. 

Cat-Eye Lash Extensions 

As the name says, this extension creates a lifted and stretched-out look at the outer corners of your eyes. It creates an eye gaze like the Felidae. 
In this process, your tech will attach longer and thicker lashes in the outer corners of the eyes. It can add an allure and mystique to your eyes to make them look exotic. 
You can be more confident and seductive with these lashes, no matter what special occasions are upcoming. These lashes don't need heavy maintenance, only a bit of brushing regularly and occasional touch-ups are enough. 

• Wispy Lash Extensions 

These extensions are a popular trend nowadays due to their feathery appearance. These are also known as staggers or textured lashes. These lashes feature multiple lengths and densities in your eyes. It creates a textured and fluttery look. 
In this process, there aren't many lashes of similar lengths that are clustered together. The tech places individual or handmade fans strategically at various points along the lash line.
It creates a natural look based on the layered fans. Usually, these are created with a combination of classic and volume extensions. 

• Coloured Lash Extensions 

If you are tired of your regular black and brown lashes, these are perfect for you. These are highlighted extensions which allow you to experiment with different colour shades. 
In this process, your tech will apply some coloured lashes according to your preferences with individual single lashes. It creates a highlighted appearance and shows your individuality and creativity. 
These lashes require proper maintenance. You can replace them easily during your fills if you want to change the colours. 

Doll Eye Lash Extensions 

If you want a sweet and innocent appearance, these doll eyelash extensions are best for you. With a touch of enchantment, these lashes are perfect for a date night or any daytime event. 
In this process, the technician uses lashes of the same size along the entire lash line. It emphasizes your central and outer lashes and gives a whimsical appeal. 
These lashes have low maintenance needs. A gentle brush through your lashes is enough for them to always look clean and fresh. 
There are even more eyelash extensions to match different preferences and eye shapes. Thus, it's recommended to opt for a licensed professional lash technician. They can help you find the perfect lashes that are suitable for your face shape, eye shape, preferences, etc.

Eyelash Extension Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Now you know most of the eyelash extension styles and can choose one that you like. However, choosing the style doesn't only depend on your preferences. Eyelash extensions are for enhancing the overall shape of your eyes.

Every woman has unique eye shapes, and not all the extension styles match. Yes, the lash stylist will help you choose the perfect style. 

However, you still need to know what your eye shape is. It can help to get a bit of an idea about which eyelash styles will suit you so that you can make your choice. 

Here are some of the most common eye shapes - 

 • Round Shape 

Round-shaped eyes are large and impressive. However, do your eyes look too surprised? Don't worry! Many lash styles can define your eye shape without looking too surprised. One of the most popular options is the cat eyelash style. You can also go for the doll or squirrel style. These styles elongate the eyes and give a stunning lift.   

• Almond Shape 

As the name says, these shapes look exactly like almonds and are the most versatile eye shapes. Almond-shaped eyes are longer in width, so they can rock with any eyelash extension style. To enhance the eye's shape and get an open eye look, you can choose the doll eye style. Even cat eye style can accentuate the natural elegance of the outer corner and make it look captivating. There are even more styles that can suit this shape, such as – squirrel, natural, etc. 

 • Hooded Shape 

With hooded eyes, the crease isn't visible above the eye socket. These shapes are often confused with monolid eyes. Those who have this eye shape often want lash extensions that can create a larger and more defined eye illusion. These shapes can go well with most of the extension styles depending on the size, shape, and distance. 

• Downturned Shape 

These eyes have a natural droop at the outer corner. It can make your eyes look sad or tired. Use an open eye or uplift style to focus away the downturned area. These techniques can give the eyes a youthful and inviting look. These shapes can go well with the squirrel, doll, or natural eyelash extension styles.

• Upturned  Eyes

When you have upturned eyes, there's a slight lift at the outer corners. It already provides a captivating look. But to enhance the beauty of the shape more, opt for a lash style that focuses on upward lift. In this eye shape, you can go for the squirrel, natural, or cat eyelash extensions. They can complement the natural upward tilt and emphasize the charming shape.

There are even more eye shapes, such as – the monolid, narrow, bulbous, etc. Before selecting the extension style, get advice from your lash stylist. Ensure your stylist knows everything about the eye shape, style, procedures, etc.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

These semi-permanent lash extensions sounded so unreal, right? Even if for some weeks, having long, beautiful lashes is the dream of every woman.

However, seeing so many cases where natural lashes are falling out, one question keeps coming into mind. Is it caused by lash extensions? Do they damage your natural eyes?

Not really. There isn't any evidence that shows extensions are affecting your natural lash length or health. Unless you have had bad applications over the years and don't take proper care of your lashes, extensions are harmless. 

Rather than worrying about your extensions, you should be wary about your lash technician.

Sometimes, those short, stubby lashes you see in the pictures aren't the effect of extensions. Rather, they are the results of mistakes made by inexperienced technicians during application.

Make sure to choose the proper length and thickness according to your natural lashes to prevent any damage. Ensure that your lash stylist is applying it correctly on your lashes.

Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid - 

• Don't apply extensions that are too heavy for your natural lashes. 
• Don't glue your lashes together. It can avoid stickies. 
• Avoid glueing your lashes directly to the skin. 

The best way to be carefree is to trust a lash technician that has a license. They will make sure to follow all the sanitation and disinfection protocols. They will also make sure to use harmless adhesive for your lashes. 

Please make sure to ask your technician about everything possible to confirm that all the precautions have been taken. Follow the advised aftercare to not influence the growth cycle or damage the natural lashes.

Does the Type of Lash Affect How Long It Lasts?

Looking at different types of eyelash extensions, many ask whether the style or type of lash affects how long it lasts. 

Usually, the extension styles or type don't affect how long your lashes last. However, remember to choose a proper length and thickness based on your natural eyelashes. The length and thickness add weight to your natural lashes. If not chosen properly, it may not last long.

However, the adhesive your lash stylist will use is the same for all lash extension types. The lasting time of your extensions depends on how fast your natural lash is shedding.

Most lash extensions can last for six to eight weeks if properly taken care of. They tend to fall out naturally along with your real lashes. When they start to fall out, you can go back to your tech and fill in the missing places. They can make your extensions last a bit longer. 

There are some common maintenances you can do to keep your lashes for longer, such as - 

• Don't touch your lashes during the first few hours to avoid contact with any oil or water from your hands. 

• Keep them dry for at least 24 to 36 hours. 

• If you have an oily face, try to control that. Try to use oil-free products on your face. 

• Clean them properly a few times a week. Use foaming lash cleansers or baby shampoo, but not the conditioning type.

• Brush your lashes properly.

• When your lashes start falling out, go to your technician to get a filling.

Trust THE LASH LINE for Your Eyelash Extension Needs!

To wrap up, as you can see, there are various eyelash extensions, each with its own uniqueness. Different types of eyelash extensions go well with different eye shapes. Thus, before getting your extensions, make sure to understand your eye shape and the style that would suit your liking.

Hope this blog can help you with the details you need to choose the perfect eyelash extension. After you've got the extensions, don't forget to take proper care of them.

If you're still wondering where to get your extensions or the accessories, visit THE LASH LINE. We provide all the necessary accessories for eyelash extensions. We also have qualified professional lash stylists to apply your extensions. So, visit now and get your perfect and beautiful long lash extensions!



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